Visit our 21st Century Offices

10520 E. Seven Generations Way   Tucson, Arizona  85747


Located in Civano,

our Energy Star rated

facility features:


Sustainable Sites

 * Multiple Use Zoning, Residential-Commercial


Materials and Resources

* Non-Ozone Depleting Freon

* Roof R-45, Walls R-20 w/ Shared Wall

* Low-e, High Performance Windows

* Steel Framing From Recycled Steel

* Building Waste Recycled


Energy and Atmosphere

* Solar PV, 2,000 Watts AC, Grid Tied

* Active Solar Water Heating with

   Circulating Pump on

    Motion Sensors

 * Tubular Skylight Day-lighting

 * Solar Oven for Cooking


Water and Efficiency

 * Water Harvesting

 * Grey Water Plumbing

 * Solar Water Still  to Replace Bottled Water

 * Low Water Use Plumbing


Indoor Environmental Quality

* Uplifting, Efficient Lighting Design

    by Hy Kaplan

 * Fresh Air Ventilation System


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Al Nichols Engineering 

Established as Al Nichols Engineering in 1995


520.760.0255 (fax)